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Bed & Breakfast and holiday farm at the foot of the Apennine mountains north of Florence in Tuscany:
Frutti di Bosco - Villa Panzano - La Fontana - La Topaia - Sanvitale -
I nidi di Belforte - Attulaio - La Colombaia - Corzano

Circuito Internazionale del Mugello - Scarperia - FI, from 02/06/2006 to04/06/2006      see details

last year's Centro storico - San Piero a Sieve - FI, from 10/06/2006 to10/06/2006      see details
Ingorgo sonoro 2006
Non-stop music from 9pm to 3am with dozens of djs

Cattle exhibition at the agricultural fairForo Boario - Borgo San Lorenzo - FI, from 08/06/2006 to11/06/2006      see details
Mugello agricultural fair
For 26 years the top agricultural fair in the region

an artisan demonstrates traditional crafts of the early 20th centuryCentro storico - Borgo San Lorenzo - FI, from 18/06/2006 to18/06/2006      see details
Bread, tradition and...
Events in the town centre of Borgo San Lorenzo on Sunday 18th June

centro storico - Dicomano - FI, from 12/06/2006 to18/06/2006      see details
Feast of St. Onofrio
Dicomano celebrates its Holy Patron

fireworksPiazza Giotto - Vicchio, from 24/06/2006 to24/06/2006      see details
Midsummer Night's Fireworks
Vicchio celebrates its holy Patron, Saint John the Baptist

archaeological findsMugello - Toscana, from 05/07/2006 to08/07/2006      see details
The Nights of Archaeology
Tuscany celebrates its archaeological heritage with late night openings and special events

Sandstone sculpture (copyright Firenzuola Sandstone Museum)Giardini pubblici - San Piero a Sieve - FI, from 01/07/2006 to09/07/2006      see details
A. Berti sculpture symposium
Six young international artists tackle some Firenzuola sandstone blocks

street performers at last year's Festival (photo by Angelo Faizza)Pelago - Firenze, from 06/07/2006 to09/07/2006      see details
18th On The Road Festival
Music and street performers competing for the Comune di Pelago award

street show by Sambandacentro storico - Borgo San Lorenzo - FI, from 06/07/2006 to27/07/2006      see details
Nights at Borgo
Free entertainment under the stars every Thursday in July at Borgo San Lorenzo

varie sedi - San Piero a Sieve - FI, from 29/06/2006 to31/07/2006      see details
July at San Piero
July offers a rich programme of events to visitors and residents of San Piero

varie sedi - Firenzuola - FI, from 07/07/2006 to31/07/2006      see details
Summer Together at Firenzuola
A varied programme of cultural events awaits visitors in Upper Mugello this summer

Barberino di Mugello e Vaglia - Mugello - FI, from 11/07/2006 to31/07/2006      see details
Concerts in Mugello
Chamber concerts with free admission in the most beautiful churches of the area

Opera Festival 2006Villa Medicea di Cafaggiolo - Barberino di Mugello, from 15/07/2006 to04/08/2006      see details
Opera Festival 2006
The splendid Medici villa of Cafaggiolo will host this year's summer shows

dintorni di Firenzuola - Firenzuola - FI, from 06/08/2006 to20/08/2006      see details
Exploring Firenzuola

centro storico - Firenzuola - FI, from 21/08/2006 to23/08/2006      see details
St Bartholomew's Fair and Cake Festival

Palazzo dei Vicari e Vecchia Prepositura - Scarperia, from 01/06/2006 to03/09/2006      see details
Scarperia 700 years
An exhibitions recounts the history of the town of Scarperia since its foundations 700 years ago

centro storico - Vicchio - FI, from 26/08/2006 to03/09/2006      see details

photo source: - Borgo San Lorenzo - FI, from 23/09/2006 to23/09/2006      see details
33rd Mugello Marathon
The 'oldest' international marathon in Italy is back!

St. Michael's church at RontaRonta - Borgo San Lorenzo - FI, from 23/09/2006 to24/09/2006      see details
Feast of St Michael
The town quarters of Ronta compete to win the St Michael Trophy

Diotto FestivalCentro storico - Scarperia - FI, from 27/08/2006 to24/09/2006      see details
September at Scarperia
Renaissance Day, Diotto folk contest and much more to celebrate the town's 700th birthday!

Palazzuolo, Captains' Palacevarie sedi - Palazzuolo sul Senio, from 30/09/2006 to01/10/2006      see details
A celebration of good food and fine environment at Palazzuolo sul Senio

The Apennine fountain in the Medici park at Villa DemidoffPratolino, Parco di Villa Demidoff - Vaglia - FI, from 02/06/2006 to08/10/2006      see details
Summer at Pratolino
Shows and emotions for the long summer of the Villa Demidoff park

poster of the exhibitSan Piero, Cafaggiolo e Vicchio - Mugello - FI, from 23/09/2006 to15/10/2006      see details
Hills and Heavens of the Mugello
San Piero a Sieve, Cafaggiolo and Vicchio host an exhibit of paintings by young Italian and American artists

Firenzuolacentro storico - Firenzuola - FI, from 14/10/2006 to22/10/2006      see details
From the woods and from the stone
Mugello PGI chestnuts and related produce, handicraft market and grey sandstone handmade products

Piazza Cavour - Logge Medicee - Barberino di Mugello - FI, from 28/10/2006 to29/10/2006      see details
White Truffle market
Exhibition market with one of the most highly esteemed typical product in Mugello: white truffle

White truffleVilla Pecori Giraldi - Borgo San Lorenzo - FI, from 18/11/2006 to19/11/2006      see details
Truffle is king of the fall table
Villa Pecori Giraldi hosts the 11th White Truffle Festival and market

Museo civico della Manifattura Chini - Borgo San Lorenzo - FI, from 26/11/2006 to10/12/2006      see details

flea and collector's marketcentro storico - Scarperia - FI, from 08/01/2006 to24/12/2006      see details
Collectors' markets
Collectors set up their stalls and trade antiques, coins, stamps and what not!

Centro storico - Palazzuolo sul Senio, from 08/12/2006 to06/01/2007      see details
Xmas at Palazzuolo
Christmas countdown: upcoming events and shopping ideas

steam trainvarie localitÓ - Mugello - FI, from 06/01/2007 to07/01/2007      see details

varie sedi - Mugello - FI, from 04/02/2007 to20/02/2007      see details

Dario VargassolaTeatro Giotto - Vicchio - FI, from 11/11/2006 to15/03/2007      see details
06/07 Theatre season at Vicchio

Ugo ChitiTeatro Corsini - Barberino di Mugello - FI, from 04/11/2006 to16/03/2007      see details
Corsini Theatre 06/07 programme
The Corsini Theatre season focuses on quality and original shows

The Mugello Historic Festival logoAutodromo del Mugello - Scarperia - FI, from 30/03/2007 to01/04/2007      see details
Mugello Historic Festival
F1 Motor Racing History on track at Mugello over the second Spring weekend

varie sedi - Mugello - FI, from 22/02/2007 to15/04/2007      see details
10th Giotto Jazz Festival
The Vicchio Jazz Club and Music Pool, together with Musicus Concentus, launch the 10th Giotto Jazz Festival as part of the 'Network Sonoro' calendar of music events in Tuscany

varie sedi - Scarperia - FI, from 31/03/2007 to15/04/2007      see details
Easter events at Scarperia
Two weeks packed with events welcome visitors staying in the Mugello area over the Easter season

Piancaldoli - Firenzuola - FI, from 28/04/2007 to29/04/2007      see details

loc. Casole - Vicchio - FI, from 01/05/2007 to01/05/2007      see details

Vecchia Propositura - Scarperia - FI, from 29/04/2007 to06/05/2007      see details

wildlife in the WWF 'Gabbianello' protected areaOasi di Gabbianello - Barberino di Mugello - FI, from 20/05/2007 to20/05/2007      see details
WWF Parks Day
Free admission and guided visits to the 'Gabbianello' bird and wildlife sanctuary in the wetland area by the Bilancino Lake

Tuscan home-baked breadcentro storico - Marradi - FI, from 20/05/2007 to20/05/2007      see details
Bread and... something
Visitors can reach Marradi with a special steam train from Florence and enjoy this celebration of the typical local bread

The courtyard of the Vicari Palace at Scarperiavarie sedi - Mugello - FI, from 05/05/2007 to20/05/2007      see details

Barbiana - (Vicchio), from 20/05/2007 to20/05/2007      see details

Scarperia Infioratacentro storico - Scarperia - FI, from 26/05/2007 to27/05/2007      see details
27th flower carpets festival at Scarperia
The flower carpets festival paves the streets of Scarperia with colorful petals

Foro Boario - Borgo San Lorenzo - FI, from 25/05/2007 to27/05/2007      see details

centro storico - San Piero a Sieve - FI, from 25/05/2007 to27/05/2007      see details

Pratolino, Parco di Villa Demidoff - (Vaglia), from 25/05/2007 to27/05/2007      see details
11th Ruralia

mushroomsSoc. Sportiva di Firenzuola (L.go Garibaldi) - Firenzuola - FI, from 27/05/2007 to10/06/2007      see details

Some of the musicians of the Etnica 2006 festival centro storico - Vicchio, from 21/06/2007 to24/06/2007      see details
Etnica 2007 festival

Trebbio Castlevarie sedi - San Piero a Sieve - FI, from 30/03/2007 to22/07/2007      see details
Spring and Summer events at San Piero a Sieve
Pronto il calendario delle manifestazioni e delle iniziative che si alterneranno nei prossimi mesi nel comune sanpierino

'Mugello savours and colors' market at Vicchiopiazza della Vittoria - Vicchio - FI, from 28/04/2007 to22/12/2007      see details
Mugello Savours and Colours
Vicchio di Mugello devotes ten special market days to the celebration of its best local produce and handicrafts

Colline Fiorentine - Toscana, from 20/11/2006 to31/12/2007      see details

Pottery making in TuscanyTerre di Toscana - Borgo San Lorenzo - FI, from 26/10/2006 to31/12/2007      see details
Borgo San Lorenzo joins the Terre di Toscana ring
The "Terre di Toscana" network groups eleven Tuscan towns with an outstanding tradition in handmade ceramics

Colli fiorentini - Firenze, from 04/04/2007 to31/12/2007      see details

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