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Made in Mugello
  In the Mugello area

Tuscan style
Tuscany is known worldwide for the strong bonds interlinking its landscape, culture and products.

Doubtless, this is a fitting image that well evokes one of the fundamental aspects of our region, often summed up in the phrase 'Tuscan lifestyle': art, crafts, environment, food and wine are part of the same heritage, in a cross-disciplinary mix of skills and learning worthy of our great Renaissance forefathers, and to this day this is still the cementing element of Tuscan culture and economy.

Arts and crafts

In Mugello, where 'Tuscan style' is still a genuine tradition rather than a stereotype marketing brand, attentive visitors can still perceive the subtle threads linking 'high' and 'applied' culture in the many surviving traditional crafts whose techniques are lovingly cherished and handed down from one generation to the next.

In the colourful stores and fascinating workshops of our craftsmen there is still room to escape standardization and the modern-day frenzied rush for 'disposable' items, while rediscovering the warm feeling of natural materials and the sober elegance of ancestral shapes that each time are reinvented with an ever surprising twist of creativity.

cannellini beans, olive oil, bread and garlic
Savouring the past and loving the future

Extra virgin olive oil, chestnuts, fruit and vegetables, cereals, honey, berries, mushrooms... the genuine tastes of the past come from a clean land that favours environment friendly and organic farming, respectful of tradition and biodiversity.

Florence's vegetable garden
The many small- and medium-sized farms of the green Mugello valley – which is increasingly and deservedly referred to as 'Florence's vegetable garden' – provide the genuine seasonal ingredients whose taste and freshness are enhanced by the old peasant recipes of the Tuscan country cooking.

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